Best WordPress Social Network Plugins

WordPress Social Network Plugins are the simplest way to turn your standard WordPress website into a Social Network. You can create a social website for your need in few steps after the installation of plugins below. Here is the list of Best WordPress Social Network Plugins.

1. BuddyPress Social Network

Are you looking for modern, robust, and sophisticated social network software? BuddyPress is a suite of components that are common to a typical social network, and allows for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system. BuddyPress is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, and extensibility. It is deliberately powerful yet unbelievably simple social networking software, built by contributors to WordPress.

WordPress Social Network Plugin by BuddyPress


2. Ultimate Member

The easiest way to create powerful online communities and beautiful user profiles with WordPress, Ultimate Member is a powerful and flexible plugin that makes it a breeze for users to sign-up and become members. Lightweight and highly extensible, Ultimate Member will enable you to create almost any type of site where users can join and become members with absolute ease.

WordPress Social Network Plugin by Ultimate Member


3. Peepso

The New Social Networking Plugin for WordPress. Add a Private Community (Similar to Facebook) on Your WordPress Site. Instead of sending your visitors to Facebook, keep them on your pages. You’ll be able to engage with your customers, learn their preferences and pick up their feedback. Create your own private social network with PeepSo – a state of the art Open Source WordPress plugin with powerful features and super-sexy code.

WordPress Social Network Plugin by Peepso


4. WPMU DEV Communities

Create internal communities with discussion boards, wikis, dashboards, user lists and direct messaging for sharing news, thoughts and big ideas. Communities adds powerful social features to Multisite without converting to a complete BuddyPress social network.

WordPress Social Network Plugin by Communities

Purchase for $49 per month

5. wp symposium pro

This is the ultimate best-value license – an annual license that gives you: updates for all your extension, forever! All new plugins released in the future!

WordPress Social Network Plugin by WP Symposium Pro

Purchase for $100

I hope you will fin this list helpful. Which plugin do you use for social networking on your website?

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