Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins

WordPress Shortcodes are a predefined function that can use in the post or page by using unique tags. This Plugin contains a collection of shortcodes, with this plugin you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos, etc. Here is the list of WordPress Shortcode plugins

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is WordPress plugin that provides a mega pack of shortcodes. This is a really premium plugin that you can get absolutely for free! With this plugin, you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos and much, much more. Turn your free theme to premium in just a few clicks. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can quickly and easily retrieve premium themes features and display it on your site.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Shortcode Ultimate


2. Easy Bootstrap Shortcode plugin

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is bootstrap 3.2.0 compatible plugin which add icons to WordPress editor (tinyMCE Shortcode Buttons) and one can add bootstrap style to their website just by clicking on tinyMCE editor icon. This plugin enables you to add bootstrap 3.0.3 styles in your pages, post and custom post in simplest manner.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Easy Bootstrap shortcode


3. Vision

Gorgeous Design – Perfect for every website,  Plugin installs in under 1 minute,  Shortcodes get added directly to your WordPress Content Editor. Extremely easy to use – seamless WordPress user interface,  Ultra Responsive and 100% Mobile-ready.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Vision

Purchase for $25

4. WP Shortcode

WP Shortcode is a premium WP plugin for free, that provides easy to use over 24 shortcodes. You can easily add buttons, alerts, videos and more.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by MyThemeShop


5. Elegant Shortcodes

Designing and organizing your posts has never been easier. With our large collection of shortcodes, you can create beautiful and complex layouts with ease. This will greatly improve the functionality and variety of your content without the frustration that comes with learning advanced web development techniques.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Elegant themes

Purchase from $69

6. Supreme Shortcodes

This plugin adds 100+ extra functionalities to your website. You can choose from static elements such as: Boxes, Responsive rows and columns, Lines and dividers to animated elements such as: 3D Buttons, Modals and Popovers or Toggles and Tabs. Pretty much anything needed for todays modern web presentation.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Supreme shortcode

Purchase for $21

7. Simple Shortcodes

This plugin works with any theme, but was made specifically to work with themes from Simple Shortcodes adds a button to your editor toolbar for quick and easy insertion of the most commonly used shortcodes for columns, buttons, toggles, tabs, callout boxes, notifications, and more. Simple Shortcodes is a plugin that fits nicely in your editor toolbar for simple insertion of various commonly used shortcodes.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Simple Shortcode


8. Shortcoder

Shortcoder is a plugin which allows to create a custom shortcode and store HTML, Javascript and other snippets in it. So if that shortcode is used in any post or pages, then the code stored in the shortcode get exceuted in that place. Create custom “Shortcodes” with HTML, Javascript snippets stored in it and use that shortcode within posts and pages.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Shortcoder


9. Intense – Shortcode and Site Builder

Intense includes a vast list of 110+ shortcodes (see the complete list near the bottom of this page) and 19 custom post types (FAQ, Portfolio, Project, News, Coupons, Snippets, Templates, and many more). The plugin is built on Twitter Bootstrap. It includes parallax content sections with images. Many image hover effect options with Adipoli and Effeckts CSS. Filter blog, and 15 other custom post types with transition effects using MixItUp.

Wordpress Shortcodes Plugin by Intense

Purchase for $30

Which shortcode plugins do you use on your website to design post or page?

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