Best WordPress Admin Theme Plugins

WordPress Admin Theme Plugin makes clean and simplified wp-admin dashboard. The plugin allows you to remove all the panels from the WordPress dashboard. Admin theme plugin is a powerful tool to customize your admin dashboard. Here is the list of best WordPress theme plugins.

1. WordPress Admin Theme

WordPress Admin Theme is a WordPress plugin to customize the entire look of your WordPress admin section, and you can customize most of the admin elements as your wish.

WordPress Admin theme

Purchase for $19

2. White Label CMS

Complete customization of dashboard panels and logos, removal of menus, giving editors access to widgets and menus plus lots more.  The White Label CMS plugin is for developers who want to give their clients a more personalized and less confusing content management system.

WordPress Admin theme by White Label CMS


3. Slate

Slate provides a clean, simplified design for your WordPress Admin area. Our goal was to simplify the visual design with a primary focus on the content writing experience.

WordPress Admin theme by Slate theme


4. Blue Admin

This is a simple admin design that makes your WordPress administration section more clear and relaxed.

WordPress Admin theme by Blue admin


5. Forest

Forest will make you and your clients be excited with managing a WordPress site. It’s the first time; we have an Awesome Quick Panel in admin dashboard

WordPress Admin theme by Forest

Purchase for $19

6. First admin theme

Custom Admin bar, menu, icons, and colors.

WordPress Admin theme by First admin theme

Purchase for $20

7. WPShapere

WPShapere – WordPress Admin Theme let you customize the entire look of default WordPress admin theme as you wish. It allows you to hand over WordPress to your customers in a custom way as you think.

WordPress Admin theme by WPShapere

Purchase for $19

8. Ultra WordPress Admin

Along with White Label Branding features, It comes with 30 Awesome Inbuilt themes and gives you the option to Create your own theme. You can also control the appearance of Admin Menu, Top Bar, Buttons, Content Boxes, Typography, Forms, Text and background colors, logo and so on.

WordPress Admin theme by Ultra theme

Purchase for $22

Do you use admin theme on your website? Customization of admin dashboard is a good idea when building a website for your client; it allows custom branding.

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